Alice Cooper and Paul Valach

There are many resources at It was one of the first ‘second’ sites I created. At the time I didn’t want to pollute this domain, as it really has many, many places and resources. I also wanted to at the time have that “non-profit” site that could be rolled out. More on this as this site comes back to life.

There are samples of what can be done on any website below. The content comes from various social platforms, websites, collections and other. It is up to you to present it clear fashion and tell you story.

The actual mini tools break out or on the page under this one in the menu.

Did you know?

Junk food rules on this day. There’s a day for everything, from things to places sometimes. Take a look and see what is coming up, or what you missed.

Knock, knock who’s there? Many doors are on Pinterest, just a small collection that took a while to create. Quite fun actually, all those types, sizes, shapes and colors/.

“To be or not to be” –

William S.