These were the August Wordles I played. I put the thinking to each turn. Many times it is still a guess of sorts, and also just seeing what’s left. And in some cases playing one known letter and 4 from the not used to see if they are there.


random word

needed 5 new letters

swapped the at and new letters, lunch on mind

4 new letters with the move of the A

order the ‘art’ knowing the ‘a’

knowinf ‘t’ and endand ‘r’ before ‘art at end …quart was left


random start

just moved ‘o’ along

recalled the double trouble, loved l along

just dropped what was left adn the double. again.


start big

5 new letters.. got three

just came to me with what was left and where the ‘rey’ could not be



moved ‘ra’ by one, three new

wapped ra to ar, yes n was waste but position eliminated.


sm left


Bacon on mind

moved “ri” to start and word, yes knew the ‘s’ was bad so what

decided on a complete dif 5 letter.

matter of moving the ‘ri’ down, knew e was not at end. ‘eri’ .. letter left

more letters left


had coffee on my mind

move the ‘e’ and new letters

thought ‘en’ endings

exhaurting two letters

what was left


Out of the blue, although had been looking at horse photos

Needed to exhaust letters and swap at least one letter…’e’

since no ‘st’ I began the word with ‘s’, smelt came to mind

matter of where ‘e’ and ‘s’ had to be, or not be


Out of the blue word, maybe I saw a push

I needed word that end with ‘e’ went the ‘aze’ route

thought of graze, knew the ‘a’ was bad but so what

Prize was just left with going through letters left.