My speaking topics are on a seperate website. It allows for hiring of speaking on topics, as well as future classes. The website is There is a small breakout here also. I have also included a gallery of folks I met, interviewed or in some cases hung out with.

Over the past 15+ years, I hosted two radio shows, co-hosted a TV show as well as Produced and Directed two others. Teaching was at three Community Colleges. The two radio show dealt with technology and social impact. The TV show were political in nature as well as civic issues and international. Details on those are below, it was a rewarding and fun time and I would do all in a minute. Alas in the TV show case Public Access was taken away by the CIty of Phoenix. This was a shady deal at best with COX who were the city’s partners. There is no current way for citizens to voice their opinions unobstructed.

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