There are a variety of products surrounding this service. Many components come into play to it all work properly so that your next client when finding you will give you their money. As they want to do so since they were searching for that particular product or service.

There are five to six parts of the Google Business Page. A brief description of each is below. More details are needed, it is something that will take time to set up correctly so Google can help you out, and the best part once it is Google don’t charge. But it is important for the setup to be correct.

CategoryWhere Google will list you under. Make sure it is correct
DescriptionDefine your business, Google needs to help folks find you.
ServicesChoose your categories, descriptions, links, prices and more.
ProductsAppear under your listing. Have a price, photo, description for each.
HoursWhen are you open?
PostingIt is not a parking space, you need to post 2-3 times a week. Several categories to choose from.
ReviewGoogle Reviews may be the most important part of this listing.
All of these items are important. There is a way to manage it, let me help you do that.

If you are a speaker, author or actually entrepreneur you should get a page for your name. Businesses come and go. They get sold, go out of business or more. And more than likely people know your name more than the business. Also it builds your brand for the future. And it will also got a long ways to build your Google Knowledge Panel. By the way, if it is offered to you on a Google Search for your name, CLAIM IT right away.