Print That Idea Anywhere

Here’s a place that will take your AI artwork and print it on most anything. It uses AI so the usually poor quality for print outs is taken care of. The process usus Stable Fussion, something to further look into if you are looking at this space. The link is here.


For the past few months the tracking has been useless on all that content. Hmmm … Looking hot to reload some content here so it does not overwhelm the readers, at the same time to see how we can make sure Google sees it as new old new content. Yikes!

Ultimate Need To Know – Hump Day

hump day

Today is Wednesday otherwise referred to as Hump Day. The question is where did that come from? How long has the middle of the week been called Hump Day? In this issue we have: Hump Day – What and Where New Search Engine The Batmobile Pointsettas New Baby Names How to Draw 2-point Perspective Surrender … Read moreUltimate Need To Know – Hump Day