This service is for people who already have a Google Business Profile or for people who need one (and if you are in business you certainly need one!) This is all about that potential client FINDING YOU and knowing about you or your product or service. Especially when they are ready to buy.

Key Points
The average Google Business Profile receives 33 Clicks per month
..64% of consumers are using Google Business Profile to find contact information
I need a Google Business Profile
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53% of local consumers most frequently search to find information about retail stores, such as product/service details, location, contact information, and website.
You can have your entire inventory of items on your Google Business Profile.
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Complete listings are 7x more likely to get clicks than those left unfinished
Having your Google Business Profile set up and maintained will (in nearly every case) bring you clients or customers.
Be seen and found on Google Maps*
Google Business Profile is free
Why have a Google Business Page

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If you are a speaker, author or actually entrepreneur you should get a page for your name. Businesses come and go. They get sold, go out of business or more. And more than likely people know your name more than the business. Also it builds your brand for the future. And it will also got a long ways to build your Google Knowledge Panel. By the way, if it is offered to you on a Google Search for your name, CLAIM IT right away.

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Oh, and by the way, Google GIVES YOU $500 of the Google Ads. Let me show you how to use that $500 best!. AND by the way, if you are NON-PROFIT you get $10,000 every month from Google for Ads.

*To be on Google Maps you must have a street address for a location. Google needs to be able to find it.