Paul Valach: A Multifaceted Visionary in Technology and Media

Paul Valach is a dynamic force in the realms of technology, education, media, and marketing. With over 15 years of experience as a professor in technology, Paul has not only imparted knowledge but has also consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and application in his field. His expertise spans across multiple domains, making him a versatile and influential figure.

Professional Journey

Education and Academia

Paul’s career in education is marked by his unwavering commitment to nurturing future technologists. He has been instrumental in creating and delivering cutting-edge curricula for college classes, emphasizing practical skills and forward-thinking. His tenure as a professor has seen countless students inspired and equipped to make significant contributions to the tech industry.

18+ years
5,500+ students
250+ classes
17,000+ in person lecture hours
1200+ Self Created Assignments

Media and Broadcasting

A seasoned media professional, Paul has produced and hosted several influential shows. He served as the producer of the TV show on the Sister Cities of Phoenix, showcasing his ability to weave narratives that highlight cultural and community connections. Additionally, his four-year run as the host and interviewer on a political TV show underscored his knack for insightful, engaging discussions.

Paul’s media expertise extends to radio, where he hosted two technology-focused shows, each lasting a year. These shows were celebrated for their in-depth exploration of technological advancements and their implications for everyday life.

Marketing and Business

As a Prompt Engineer for Google Business Profiles at, Paul excels at helping businesses enhance their online presence. His strategic approach ensures that companies get noticed by the right audience, driving growth and engagement. His innovative solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, demonstrating his commitment to providing personalized, effective strategies.

Leadership and Community

Paul’s leadership skills shine through his role as President and Meeting Coordinator of the second-largest Mac User Group. His efforts have fostered a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts who benefit from shared knowledge and collaborative opportunities.

Creative Ventures

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Paul is a creative at heart. He is currently working on a TV show with three interrelated locations: Brew Haven, a cozy coffee shop; Urban Essence, an architectural firm; and Sideline Whistle, a lively sports bar. This innovative project promises to captivate audiences with its intertwined stories and rich character development.

Personal Life and Interests

Paul is not just a tech and media aficionado; he is also a devoted animal lover, sharing his home with three cats and a dog. His passion for baseball and fitness, exemplified by his regular walks with his dog and membership at Mountainside Fitness, reflects his commitment to a balanced, active lifestyle.

Philosophy and Future Vision

Paul believes in the transformative power of AI and technology to enhance human capabilities. He envisions a future where AI plays a significant role in education, training, and business, optimizing processes and providing deeper insights. His approach is always ethical, acknowledging the challenges while striving to harness technology’s potential for good.

Paul’s ability to tell gripping, informative stories and his dedication to honesty and consistency make him a trusted and respected figure in his fields. He is always on the lookout for innovative solutions and remains the go-to guy for those seeking expert guidance.