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A Few Have asked …

Nope I did not win my seat. There was plenty of gamesmanship played and so I did not capture the seat. But, I was reminded of what I hated about the process and also how many people will flat out lie to your face. This is during the campaign as well as after. That said, the most interesting part was the money spent and raised in the three to four weeks of this new campaign time created by someone who should never have ran. He knew, Diego that he was going to take this new job and would have to resign to do so. So why not let the other Primary Challenger win and move on.

There is a website that covers all the expenditures of all the campaigns. Saves going to the Secretary of State site and sifting through all the various pages. The amazing numbers are $220,000 total dollars spent/raised by all the candidates combined. I contributed $0 to that total by the way. The winner, Eva Diaz raised $92,000 and spent $55,000 on my last visit to the website. Lots of other money was spent as I got fliers and more at my home as well as at the polls. These fliers we from other campaigns. There is way too much money spent, by way too many other special interests and such. That’s for another rant.

The expenditures are all here on https://www.transparencyusa.org/az/race/arizona-state-senate-district-22. Two candidates raised around $15,000 in a losing effort.

This post was just meant to say that I didn’t get it. The total win number, just over 4,200 write in votes. Yes, $55,000 spent on 4,200 to win. The next highest vote getter was around 1,700. My early goal as to get 5,000 votes. Pretty amazing when you think about the whole thing.

Pumpkins Have Their Day

You knew that it had to be around this time of year, but yes the PUMPKIN has it official day today. And there are many things that can be done with that pumpkin other than carving its guts out and putting it on your porch.

A great description is here of the Day’s Celebration and why can be found here. As far as what to do with all those guts that list is here, and I may just make it a list in the Knowledge Oughta Know section.

October 19, 2022 – Running for Office, Write Me In

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A number things have occurred just in the the month of October. Here’s a quick wrap up and a few updates on the goings on in the world of Social Media. A regular ‘newsletter’ will follow this post.

I have decided to seek the State Senate Seat in LD 22. I do this as our Primary winner decided to take a job with a company the day AFTER he won the Primary. I am not happy about this as well as the procedure undertaken to chose the ‘democrat’ candidate. There are several. NOW, the race has become a “write-in” campaign per Election Laws of Arizona. Hence my complete annoyance with the Primary Winner. All that needed to happen was the General Election on November 8th, he and me and a few friends vote for him and he wins. He was UNOPPOSED. He then can resign and the process takes a different path. I was also unhappy that the announced list at one point had a very qualified candidate ready, one of my City Councilman who is at the end of his term, and is termed out. A perfect replacement for the LD 22 West Valley District. But no, shenanigans had to ensue. Not a happy camper am I, and so I feel thrusted into this. it an opportunity and I must grab the mike.

The website is up, https://writeinpaulvalachinld22.com/. I am only ask for you to write me in if you live in LD 22 for the State Senate seat AND fill in the circle. The other name there CANNOT win he has withdrawn from the race. By the way he took a Lobbyist Position that apparently he had been seeking for the past six months. You have to make sure you spell my name correctly PAUL VALACH and fill in the circle on the same line.

September 22, 2022

Round Up of Stuff to Know

Articles. Tips, Tricks, Calendars and More

TODAY’S STORIES – Thursday, September 22, 2022

Editor’s Thoughts | Useful Travel Tips | Dooms Scrolling is Bad | Quote of Day 
Fake Amazon Reviews | Website of the Week | D | Events | Good of Order

Editors Thoughts

The week has been full, so this publication suffered. A couple more in person meetings, and more responses to my special offer kept things busy. Enjoy the DAYs and the looking at life articles.

Useful Travel Tips

Cheap gas and more, Apple and maps like Waze. Loads of travel tips in this article, even a how to travel in secret. Now you can be James Bond. 

Bond, James Bond

TODAY – Day of Many Things

Well now, I think I am about to close the book on all these DAY OFs. Today seems to be the day of MANY things that I like or care about. And more that I just well, they are ok but whatever. 
Your list includes:

Elephant Appreciation DayNational States and Capitals Day, by the way back in 4th Grade I knew all 50Ice Cream Cone DayDear Diary Day.. stole my app nameLegwear Day AND WHITE CHOCOLATE DAY
Now I guess the White Chocolate and Elephants should have been the choices, but you know me an ice cream AND a well dressed leg and my old app and all those states and their capitals. YOU PICK. Have fun, learn a few new things. 


Doomscrolling Yikes

Dooms scrolling is a new thing, that is really in the end not that good for you. Read more on this new thing that many of us do on a daily basis. Here’s the details

Recognize a Fake Amazon Review

Do you know how to spot a fake Amazon review? There are ways to tell and this article goes into the details. AND there are plenty of them as Amazon continues to sell a lot of stuff, AND many folks sell their ‘stuff’ there also. Details here

Website of the Week

This one is just an article but an interesting look at how we view things. In particular the world. It will make you think and perhaps give you a new perspective. Let me know. 



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New iOS16 Photo Features

The new iOS16 is just taking over the iPhone conversation. So many new features, several which users have been asking for for many past versions. Promises of the next version and the next version, well that next version is here. More on some great features here

Good for the Order

“‘Why did you do all this for me?’ he asked. ‘I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.’ ‘You have been my friend,’ replied Charlotte. ‘That in itself is a tremendous thing.’”– E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web



Monday 9-12

Round Up of Stuff to Know

Articles. Tips, Tricks, Calendars and More


Editor’s Thoughts | Resignation in Color | Myers-Brigs Baack in Style | Quote of Day | One Sentence, Saves Hours | Website of the Week (Fall Foliage) | Events | Good of Order

Editor’s Thoughts

This week will consist of around three maybe four in person meetings. We will see what the totals are at each. The last ones had less than 10 in them. Still rather a cautious crowd. pmv

Resignations Can be Colorful

Seems like you hear of folks quitting every day. And many mau not have a plan of future action, they just know they have had enough, There are some interesting moves that some have made in their departure. The old adage, ‘do not burn bridges’ is lost on some of these folks.  And perhaps its not a bad thing if there is indeed a plan, but don’t count on those old boses to be the new customer for whatever venture is undertaken. 


Seems there are like 7 Days of things on this day, I pick High Five and Hug Day as the pick of the litter. 


Myers-Briggs Testing is Back

The Myers-Briggs testing is making a comeback. It looks like some places do want to check out your personality before they hire you. Is that a good thing? Who knows, but the test itself has been around a while and is often looked to check folks out. Except that often it was after a hire, not before. 

One Sentence, Hours Saved in Email

You read here, well ok  on Inc, but apparently adding this one sentence to every email will turn into a huge time saving move. Let me know if it works. 

Website of the Week

Fall foliage is a favorite event to view. As the leaves turn color we are often amazed at the bright colors that sometimes happen. The big disappointment is when we miss it. Sometimes these time periods happen within mere weeks as the climate turns quick. Once the leaves fall that is it. The map on on this interactive website is pretty cool and shows the map of the US and turns the regions the various colors projected dates in 2022. 



Speaker’s Playhouse with Kimberly Crowe
Every week 80+ speakers, podcasters and more. Register Here—–
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Good of the Order

I know, such problems we should all have. BUT, it seems tha the new King of England has a few too many palaces. I’d be happy to take one of his hands and have a few friends who I am sure would also help out or friends across the big pond to the east. Hey, maybe some are in Canada or Australia where living is pretty cool also. 
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