Topping and Tailing

Topping and Tailing

The process of creating a prompt that truly provided the generation of content you are looking for. This may be everyone providing cleaning for your business, or maybe a guide or suggestions for a marketing campaign which is meant for folks who make over $1,000,000 and own a foreign car and live in a certain zip code, or maybe just designing an event for a product launch which needs all the materials and posts and more. The perfect VA of sorts.

The process ot Topping is the intro, placing the prompt into relevance, where is it pulling its knowledge from.

The middle comes next, what are the details? Great prompts are not one liners. Its almost like you telling your staff what you need, here are the details.

The tailing is who this information is for. What is the audience? This will determine the word quality, sentence structure and other things that is needed so folks will look at, read and interact with the results of the prompt.

A talk on this, Thursday, June 11, 2024.


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