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Are You Being Followed by an App?

Have you ever wondered when you download an App if it follows you even if you are not using it? Apparently the Tim Horton’s Coffee App did, does just that. The Canadian authorities investigated and found violation of the law pertaining to just that. I chuckled at the subtitle, ““Inappropriate form of surveillance”.

All of this does bring into my mind how accurate is that, “only when in use”, when asked by most apps which need a location when used. It is a question that has been asked for many years. Many of us turn off any tracking, if for no better reason than it drains the battery. And that is silly if it is from a dormant app. Lesson? Install less apps, especially ones that require locations.

There is more details here in the story.

Gucci, Fashion

Gucci and Web3

Gucci is no stranger to the influencer world of fashion, and so if anyone thought that any setbacks that may have been in the media in the past week or month was some interruption it was is not. They will be rolling out some fantastic things in the new Web3 world. We can’t wait to see the Metaverse of sorts, the 3D land of Gucci.

The article covers some of the drama, but mainly the focus on is business and how we will be seeing more Gucci. And if anyone should know about these folks it is the folks at Rose Law Group.

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