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Ultimate Need To Know – Hump Day

hump day

Today is Wednesday otherwise referred to as Hump Day. The question is where did that come from? How long has the middle of the week been called Hump Day? In this issue we have: Hump Day – What and Where New Search Engine The Batmobile Pointsettas New Baby Names How to Draw 2-point Perspective Surrender … Read moreUltimate Need To Know – Hump Day

September 1st

Round Up of Stuff to Know Articles. Tips, Tricks, Calendars and More TODAY’S STORIES Editor’s Thoughts | Mountain Towns  | Niche Landing Pages  | Website of the Week | Research Niches | Events | Good of Order Editor’s Thoughts Working on the makeup and contents as well as the flow. Come visit me at the … Read moreSeptember 1st

A Trip Down SF in 1906!

Amazing the old days. Things to look for: Only suits and professional looks, cars and trolleys and horses all existing on the same route, people crossing all over the place, pretty good pace everyone has in their direction they head, maybe a wrong wayer, and a few more.