September 1st

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Editor’s Thoughts
Working on the makeup and contents as well as the flow. Come visit me at the various HNP and other meetups. Then are in the calendar/events

Mountain Towns

By no means an exhaustive list, but one to take a long look if not just the given photos. It’s one of those, ‘time for a road trip’ mindsets. Enjoy. 

National Burnt End Day, a new way to consume barbecue.


The Niche Landing Page
The niche market that you want to be in should also have it once niche landing page. The more you focus, the more your customer is apt to buy. There are a number of steps which can be done to ensure this happens. The article goes into a few AND also if you need help narrowing to that niche I am there to help also. 

Five Market Research Tools
Each one of these tools has its pros and cons, which are outlined in the article. Also the cost of each. I would recommend a read over and then lets chat to see which may be the best for your setup. Also, a number of new products include similar tools. It is becoming a crowded field. 

Website of the Week
Ever ponder on how long animals sleep? This is an excellent article looking at the napping nature of many furry critters. And some insights on why they sleep, in many cases, as much as they do. Snooze along here.


Speaker’s Playhouse with Kimberly Crowe
Every week 80+ speakers, podcasters, event producers gather to provide their venues and talks. Register Here
Happy Neighborhood Project
Arizona – I am Co-Host 

Good of the Order
You probably knew this, or it made sense, but being around water is really good therapy for our brains and general well being. A great article that goes into some depth on why this is an important matter and we should consider it when moving or just deciding on vacations or even our permanent home.


Alice Cooper and Paul Valach

August 31, 2022

Round Up of Stuff to Know

Articles. Tips, Tricks, Calendars and More


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Editor’s Thoughts
I’m opening a few new sections on this website, as well as a membership for Google Business Page and more. Announcement will be made shortly. Also a class on Zooming, which will be needed to take part in, speaking at, a major event happening in September. 

Wi-Fi is All Over the Place

Where is the free Wi-Fi where you are, or are going? This article will get you going in that direction and you should now find those Wi-Fi pockets and hopefully FREE! How to here. 

Toasted Marshmallows, how tasty is that? There is an art to making them, and it takes practice AND you may burn a few along the way. Here are the details.

Yeah YOU! What are you doing to get found?

JPG v RAW (again)
At some point this debate will be over. Right? Sigh, I doubt it, especially as new sites, apps and more come about with the abilities to read ‘photo’ files. Also all the uses of these files, or maybe better said the ‘diminished’ use or need for higher and higher resolution. There’s a debate in itself. Enjoy the read

Five FREE online blur photo editors
If you need to blur a photo you can get it done quickly and at no cost. Here’s the list, have fun try them all out. 

Website of the Week
Wealth, top wealth is in $BIllions today. Many more than just a few. Each state has its top guy  or gal, here’s the graphic naming each for every state.  


Speaker’s Playhouse with Kimberly Crowe
Every week 80+ speakers, podcasters, event producers gather to provide their venues and talks. Register Here
Happy Neighborhood Project
Arizona – I am Co-Host 

Good for the Order!

 “When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.”

– Winston Churchill
“It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.”
H.G. Wells

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Fast Food Day, Junk Food Day

We all are guilty of consuming various foods which are for all matter easy to get and certainly tasty in many ways. In fact some of the best often stirs debate on which place has the best. Many surveys ask where the best burger, fries, milkshakes, chilli and others. And those results are sought by all the big players in this market. So let’s celebrate the day and go out and have one or two or three of these items. And please share where and what you got.

following coffee Tim Hortons

Are You Being Followed by an App?

Have you ever wondered when you download an App if it follows you even if you are not using it? Apparently the Tim Horton’s Coffee App did, does just that. The Canadian authorities investigated and found violation of the law pertaining to just that. I chuckled at the subtitle, ““Inappropriate form of surveillance”.

All of this does bring into my mind how accurate is that, “only when in use”, when asked by most apps which need a location when used. It is a question that has been asked for many years. Many of us turn off any tracking, if for no better reason than it drains the battery. And that is silly if it is from a dormant app. Lesson? Install less apps, especially ones that require locations.

There is more details here in the story.

Gucci, Fashion

Gucci and Web3

Gucci is no stranger to the influencer world of fashion, and so if anyone thought that any setbacks that may have been in the media in the past week or month was some interruption it was is not. They will be rolling out some fantastic things in the new Web3 world. We can’t wait to see the Metaverse of sorts, the 3D land of Gucci.

The article covers some of the drama, but mainly the focus on is business and how we will be seeing more Gucci. And if anyone should know about these folks it is the folks at Rose Law Group.

Thanks to for the Gucci Photo.

A Trip Down SF in 1906!

Amazing the old days. Things to look for: Only suits and professional looks, cars and trolleys and horses all existing on the same route, people crossing all over the place, pretty good pace everyone has in their direction they head, maybe a wrong wayer, and a few more.

The Envelope

I was purussing my photos on me and celebs and others I have met over the years. The best ones were way back at the Phoenix Open, yes the Phoenix Open before all the throngs of people up at TPC. There is an intersection of like two tees and, two greens where if you waited patiently you could get photos with all willing celebs playing in the Pro-AM. There were also a few other spots that after a couple of years of walking around you knew the spots.

On this occasion I got to meet Jack McKay famous for envelopes. Who knew there were so many kinds and shapes. Well Jack did and way back realize the need for not only sizes but getting them to busiesses quickly as at that time it was the only way to communicate with anyone.

I recall the discussion that email would kill the the letter, the bill and this the envelope. No one will send anything physically. Well if you Google envelope you will see that the variety continues! And the envelope has not “spam filter” when you think about it, only a cost factor. Which make you think about all those that we never open and toss into the blue can right away, a waste of money for whoever sent it.