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Gucci and Web3

Gucci is no stranger to the influencer world of fashion, and so if anyone thought that any setbacks that may have been in the media in the past week or month was some interruption it was is not. They will be rolling out some fantastic things in the new Web3 world. We can’t wait to see the Metaverse of sorts, the 3D land of Gucci.

The article covers some of the drama, but mainly the focus on is business and how we will be seeing more Gucci. And if anyone should know about these folks it is the folks at Rose Law Group.

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AH, the Suns…

Having been a Braves fan forever, as well as a Chiefs fan and a few other teams across the Pro spectrum you always worry about the label, “The Best Team around”. This usually spells disaster when it come to the postseason. And right now, the Suns, are smelling up the NBA court. The best team is now 2-2 against the 8th ranked Pelicans.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the games, as they are NOT on regular network TV. TNT has the grab on those games, but I am told its nothing to behold.

What I do know is there are teams that find ways to win once the playoffs start. The Atlanta Braves are prime example in last years MLB season. I thought they were done with three weeks to go, then miracles occured and they were in the playoffs. AND they managed to win the games needed, including the last game of the season resulting in a World Series win!

The Suns need to come ready to play, every team is gunning for them and knows its first to four wins. Now it is first to two wins. And if you look back at the season, the Suns did have a slump a couple of times and have lost two in a row.

I haven’t given up completely, but my confidence is not high, and looking at some of the other teams playing there are some hungry players that want a Championship Ring. OK….more later. Hopefully MUCH LATER!!

Five of 31 Musts on Websites

There are five must haves on any website. These may be simple, but you would be surprised by how many websites do not have them. Many of these sites are in the form of the one pager, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes the implied brevity makes folks forget to include some obvious items.

The five are:

  • An email address – Email addresses can be gotten in a number of ways. Getting a Google email, or opt for the Google Suite, gets you many other accesses to Google features. ALSO, most hosting companies give you one email per domain. In many cases you can have any number of email to your domain. The system can sort them out. Either way it makes you look much more professional and big.
  • A phone number – Yes it may be old school, but some folks do like to chat with someone. Get the number from Google Voice, it is free and you can get whatever area code you need. You could also consider a form of text message, or a chat area on your site.
  • The locations of the above items, as well as others is usually at the bottom of the page. Makes sure it is easily found, and that if there is a menu at the top of the page that there is a link. Also, make sure this information is on every page of your website.
  • If you have social media presence make sure of two things. First, that the link works and that is going to the right account. If you are going to use the logo of the social platform, make sure the graphic also links. There is a reasonable debate on whether to write out the service such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This most from the Search/Google view point. Also, remember that these are graphics, therefore the ALT tag plays a role.
  • Speaking of ALT tags, make sure ALL of your images are a) properly sized for easy loading, b) properly file named, c) properly defined in the description of the graphic, d) made into a link and e) use proper keywords in the ALT tag itself.