A Few Have asked …

Nope I did not win my seat. There was plenty of gamesmanship played and so I did not capture the seat. But, I was reminded of what I hated about the process and also how many people will flat out lie to your face. This is during the campaign as well as after. That said, the most interesting part was the money spent and raised in the three to four weeks of this new campaign time created by someone who should never have ran. He knew, Diego that he was going to take this new job and would have to resign to do so. So why not let the other Primary Challenger win and move on.

There is a website that covers all the expenditures of all the campaigns. Saves going to the Secretary of State site and sifting through all the various pages. The amazing numbers are $220,000 total dollars spent/raised by all the candidates combined. I contributed $0 to that total by the way. The winner, Eva Diaz raised $92,000 and spent $55,000 on my last visit to the website. Lots of other money was spent as I got fliers and more at my home as well as at the polls. These fliers we from other campaigns. There is way too much money spent, by way too many other special interests and such. That’s for another rant.

The expenditures are all here on https://www.transparencyusa.org/az/race/arizona-state-senate-district-22. Two candidates raised around $15,000 in a losing effort.

This post was just meant to say that I didn’t get it. The total win number, just over 4,200 write in votes. Yes, $55,000 spent on 4,200 to win. The next highest vote getter was around 1,700. My early goal as to get 5,000 votes. Pretty amazing when you think about the whole thing.