Georgia, Peach State

Georgia Day – Came in to the Union

Back in 1969 my family moved to Georgia, it was a big move for me in many ways. For the previous 4 years I’d gone to a very tine school in Phoenix, had piano lessons and my only friends were Czech, saw them here and there, and a couple in my neighborhood that I knew from Cub Scouts.

Georgia had some great things when I was there. Two of my claim to fame came from Atlanta Braves baseball, both involved Hank Aaron. I saw #700 and #715 in person. Went to a number of other games too. Also recall the beautiful green all around. Around our house, and certainly around Pace Academy where I went to school. The Governor’s Mansion was also down the street and that is one lush property.

The folks there were all pretty friendly and while we didn’t wander out too much the few places we went had good eats. I recall the politics back then, and I knew nothing basically. Still was a nice place, and I would consider moving back if the right opportunity existed. Happy Birthday Georgia. Enjoy the article.