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Editor’s Thoughts

This week will consist of around three maybe four in person meetings. We will see what the totals are at each. The last ones had less than 10 in them. Still rather a cautious crowd. pmv

Resignations Can be Colorful

Seems like you hear of folks quitting every day. And many mau not have a plan of future action, they just know they have had enough, There are some interesting moves that some have made in their departure. The old adage, ‘do not burn bridges’ is lost on some of these folks.  And perhaps its not a bad thing if there is indeed a plan, but don’t count on those old boses to be the new customer for whatever venture is undertaken. 


Seems there are like 7 Days of things on this day, I pick High Five and Hug Day as the pick of the litter. 


Myers-Briggs Testing is Back

The Myers-Briggs testing is making a comeback. It looks like some places do want to check out your personality before they hire you. Is that a good thing? Who knows, but the test itself has been around a while and is often looked to check folks out. Except that often it was after a hire, not before. 

One Sentence, Hours Saved in Email

You read here, well ok  on Inc, but apparently adding this one sentence to every email will turn into a huge time saving move. Let me know if it works. 

Website of the Week

Fall foliage is a favorite event to view. As the leaves turn color we are often amazed at the bright colors that sometimes happen. The big disappointment is when we miss it. Sometimes these time periods happen within mere weeks as the climate turns quick. Once the leaves fall that is it. The map on on this interactive website is pretty cool and shows the map of the US and turns the regions the various colors projected dates in 2022. 



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Good of the Order

I know, such problems we should all have. BUT, it seems tha the new King of England has a few too many palaces. I’d be happy to take one of his hands and have a few friends who I am sure would also help out or friends across the big pond to the east. Hey, maybe some are in Canada or Australia where living is pretty cool also. 480-937-7220