Today’s Stories and more…

Today’s Stories and more…

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Editor’s Thoughts
Going to try this as the new newsletter of the day/week. I post on here most days and it gets annoying to get out a bunch, and also it will be nice for you to have it all in one spot. AND no need to hunt down an email from weeks ago. The goal is two-three items a day. A good productive hint. A website that is cool for the Website of the Day. And perhaps a list or steps to create coolness. And if it needs a bit more a link to the section where the details exist. 
Escape Artist

This big boy has been escaping zoos all over.. And not at any high rate of speed. 
Lemon Juice!! The tart/sweet taste of lemons and all the good they do.

Your Articles

Title Case v Text Case
Ever wonder how you should write titles today? Whether it is a blog post, article or pretty much anything with a title each has its preferred format. It is all here
Six FREE online photo editors
Photoshop may have all the frills and certainly main effects, but the cost of Photoshop is out of this world, especially if you only use the app a few times now and then. Here’s the list, let me know which one worked the beat for you. 
Website of the Week
Restaurant chains are all over, in every state seems like and certainly do take it to the little guy. So where are they and just how big is the dominance. This website will tell you all you want to know. 


Speaker’s Playhouse with Kimberly Crowe
Every week 80+ speakers, podcasters, event producers gather to provide their venues and talks. Register Here
Happy Neighborhood Project
Arizona – I am Co-Host 

God for the Order

“It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.”
H.G. Wells