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A Trip Down SF in 1906!

Amazing the old days. Things to look for: Only suits and professional looks, cars and trolleys and horses all existing on the same route, people crossing all over the place, pretty good pace everyone has in their direction they head, maybe a wrong wayer, and a few more.

The Envelope

I was purussing my photos on me and celebs and others I have met over the years. The best ones were way back at the Phoenix Open, yes the Phoenix Open before all the throngs of people up at TPC. There is an intersection of like two tees and, two greens where if you waited patiently you could get photos with all willing celebs playing in the Pro-AM. There were also a few other spots that after a couple of years of walking around you knew the spots.

On this occasion I got to meet Jack McKay famous for envelopes. Who knew there were so many kinds and shapes. Well Jack did and way back realize the need for not only sizes but getting them to busiesses quickly as at that time it was the only way to communicate with anyone.

I recall the discussion that email would kill the the letter, the bill and this the envelope. No one will send anything physically. Well if you Google envelope you will see that the variety continues! And the envelope has not “spam filter” when you think about it, only a cost factor. Which make you think about all those that we never open and toss into the blue can right away, a waste of money for whoever sent it.

The Google Knowledge Panel – First Step!

As more requests come for the Google Business Page the question has been asked about the Google Knowledge Panel. Here are a few tidbits on the Google Knowledge Panel, much of it from Google.

How is a knowledge panel created?

according to Google they are automatically generated when searching for entities that are in the Knowledge Graph.

In other words as things change on the Web, it will be reflected on the Knowledge Panel.

With that tidbit the first thing to do, RIGHT NOW, is to Google yourself. Then look to the right side of your screen and if you see stuff about you look at the item displayed and see is the words “Claim this Knowledge Panel” is there. If it is AND it REALLY IS YOU, then CLAIM IT RIGHT AWAY.

What this means is Google has found you, stuff on you which probably includes, books you have written, artciles, a website with your name or about you, social platform presence, Google Business Page, YouTube channel and maybe even a Wikipedia Page. There are other reasons that may be in play, the key here though is that YOU are in control, so CLAIM IT!

Under way

Changes to PMV Productions are under way as you may have noticed. The Top 1 classes will resume next week. Its looking like Monday 2pm MST time or the 3pm slot is the final choices. Am considering a Q&A 15-30 minutes before and after so that the full hour can be devoted to the week’s topic.

ALSO looking at adding a Lecture Series, since I was the prof, concentrating on a full talk. This may take on the Master Class format and concentrate on topics like Spreadsheets, Web Design and others. These may take shape around current events or needs as asked for. The length would be about 90 minutes each time.

ALSO a major re-vamp of the Your Google Business Page and you is underway. The main question to ask is “What would one more client, each month, mean to your business?”