The Google Knowledge Panel – First Step!

The Google Knowledge Panel – First Step!

As more requests come for the Google Business Page the question has been asked about the Google Knowledge Panel. Here are a few tidbits on the Google Knowledge Panel, much of it from Google.

How is a knowledge panel created?

according to Google they are automatically generated when searching for entities that are in the Knowledge Graph.

In other words as things change on the Web, it will be reflected on the Knowledge Panel.

With that tidbit the first thing to do, RIGHT NOW, is to Google yourself. Then look to the right side of your screen and if you see stuff about you look at the item displayed and see is the words “Claim this Knowledge Panel” is there. If it is AND it REALLY IS YOU, then CLAIM IT RIGHT AWAY.

What this means is Google has found you, stuff on you which probably includes, books you have written, artciles, a website with your name or about you, social platform presence, Google Business Page, YouTube channel and maybe even a Wikipedia Page. There are other reasons that may be in play, the key here though is that YOU are in control, so CLAIM IT!