AH, the Suns…

Having been a Braves fan forever, as well as a Chiefs fan and a few other teams across the Pro spectrum you always worry about the label, “The Best Team around”. This usually spells disaster when it come to the postseason. And right now, the Suns, are smelling up the NBA court. The best team is now 2-2 against the 8th ranked Pelicans.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the games, as they are NOT on regular network TV. TNT has the grab on those games, but I am told its nothing to behold.

What I do know is there are teams that find ways to win once the playoffs start. The Atlanta Braves are prime example in last years MLB season. I thought they were done with three weeks to go, then miracles occured and they were in the playoffs. AND they managed to win the games needed, including the last game of the season resulting in a World Series win!

The Suns need to come ready to play, every team is gunning for them and knows its first to four wins. Now it is first to two wins. And if you look back at the season, the Suns did have a slump a couple of times and have lost two in a row.

I haven’t given up completely, but my confidence is not high, and looking at some of the other teams playing there are some hungry players that want a Championship Ring. OK….more later. Hopefully MUCH LATER!!